Ruggie Weather Update:
Issued Sunday 3/8/15

Let me start by saying Winter is not over folks ! So this milder period of near to slightly Above normal temps will last into much of this week. This is nothing more than what I call a relaxation period in the pattern. As this is occurring, the overall pattern begins to Re-load with very cold air in the Arctic regions and Northern Canada in the next week or two.

So the next question is where does this cold air go ? Well there are strong indications that this reloading pattern returns to much of the Eastern US between the March 15th-20th time frame !

So I’m now thinking, It’s past 8-10 days from now that we see increased winter threats and unseasonably cold weather return ! This could be a solid 2-3 week stretch of cold and snow into early April for much of the G/L’s, Midwest, M/A, and NE CONUS ! Winter is not over folks, and many will not see Real Spring until mid April this year.

I think much of the M/A States could see 1 or 2 minor to moderate snow threats during this 2-3 week period along with below and much below normal temps ! Much of New England will likely see several more winter bouts into early/mid-April.

I’ll have more details and posts on any upcoming threats during this time frame, so stay tuned !
Take Care,