For My Friends and Family up home in the Delaware Valley, get ready for a whopper of a SNOWSTORM for Later Monday into Tuesday !!! A very intense and slow moving Coastal Storm develops off the M/A coast during Monday and Monday night then moves SLOWLY NNE and off the SE New England coast on Tuesday !!!

At this time I’m thinking as follows: These are my best estimates for Snow totals with this storm !
For Central/Northern NJ and NYC: You guys get pounded with a HECS and amounts of 14″-20″ ! HECS= Historical East Coast Storm
For PHL and much of the Delaware Valley including SE PA / All of Southern NJ and much of Northern DE: Expect a MECS with general amounts of 8″-16″ ! MECS = Major East Coast Storm.
For Central/Southern DE and Extreme Southern NJ which is south of Dover, DE and Cape May County in NJ: 4″-9″ can be expected !
Light snow will fall during much of Monday but will increase with intensity by later in the afternoon.
The heaviest snow will fall later Monday / Monday Night / and into much of Tuesday. Winds will increase and howl at 20-40 Mph with blowing and drifting snow later Monday night and Tuesday, as the storm bombs out and cranks off the SE New England coast !
I’ll update later today or this evening, if needed. Stay tuned !!!

Take Care,