A good part of the Mid-Atlantic States from much of VA to Eastern PA/NJ, are about to experience a top 10 snow event for the records. This will be a rather slow moving storm and will produce a long duration of Moderate to Heavy snow.

There will be plenty of u/l energy and sub-tropical moisture to fuel this storm, along with a fresh supply of cold air, from High Pressure to our North and West. All the ingredients are there for a Major Winter Storm for the M/A States.

I’ve been tracking this storm threat since last weekend, and all the ingredients are now coming together as we close in the 2-3 day range. Without getting into a big discussion, I’ll go right to the details for the 2 big questions: When and How much.

This is my call for the M/A States ! Enjoy the first Major snowstorm of the season !

For Southwest and Central Virginia.
Includes: ROA / LYH / CHO / RIC, VA Areas
(Roanoke) (Lynchburg) (Charlottesville) (Richmond)

Total snow accumulations: 12″ to 18″ with isolated amounts near 20″

Friday: Snow will begin between 5:00 AM – 9:00 AM on Friday morning and continue through the day. Snow will become moderate to heavy at times during the afternoon hours.

The Snow will continue into Friday night (Heavy at times during the evening hours)

Saturday: Snow continues mainly light to moderate and tapers off and ends during Saturday evening.

For SE VA and The Lower Delmarva
Expect a general 4″-10″ of snow accumulation. Lower amounts towards the coast of SE VA.

For Northern VA / Maryland:
Much of ¬†Northern VA can also expect a general 12″-18″ with NW VA mountains near 24″ in spots.

For Central and Eastern MD including both BWI (Baltimore) and DCA (Washington DC)
A general 14″-20″ of snow accumulation. Snow begins Friday Afternoon and continues into Late Saturday night before ending.

For The Delaware Valley Region: 
This includes: SE PA, Central/Southern NJ and DE.

Snow will begin towards Friday evening and continue moderate to heavy at time into Later Saturday night / Early Sunday morning hours before ending. Snow may mix with some sleet and rain for a few hours Later Saturday or Saturday evening for areas South and East of PHL.

Total snow accumulations of 12″-18″ can be expected over SE PA (PHL) Northern DE and Interior South and Central NJ. A few isolated spots could see near 20″ in these areas.

For Central / Southern DE and SE Portions of NJ towards the Coast. A general 6″-12″ can be expected, with Sleet and Rain mixed in, especially towards Coastal DE and SE NJ.

For The NYC Area and Northern NJ  (New York City)
Snow moves in Friday Night and ends by Sunday morning. Mainly light to moderate snow can be expected with total snow accumulations of 6″-12″ Higher amounts possible over NW NJ.

Take Care,