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Forecaster: John Ruggiano

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My name is John Ruggiano and I now live in Lynchburg, VA . I was born and raised in the Southern NJ Region, other than living in Lynchburg, Va for 10 years, I’ve lived in Southern NJ most of my life. I first took an interest in weather at a young age, (6 Years Old) and ever since then, it’s basically became a big part of my life. My interest became so great that by the time I was around 10 years old I was doing the weather in front of my grade school class and on the school’s intercom each morning. In High School I had my own weather board, and everyone, including my teachers called me the school weatherman, thus “RUGGIE WEATHER” became my new name. Over the years, I’ve had several newspaper articles done on me, along with many visits, and radio broadcasts, with the PHL & ACY National Weather Service’s. I’ve really started forecasting during my teenage years, but now with the information at hand, and the internet technology, My forecasting, both short and long range, has accelerated to a new level.


I’ve been forecasting weather for over 30 Years and I’m especially familiar with the Climate of “The Delaware Valley”. During the past 15 years, I’ve taken on more challenging tasks, such as Mid and Long range Winter forecasting, along with more Regional predictions of Winter Events, for the Eastern half of the nation. This has all been very exciting, and I’ve met, and talked with many Professional Meteorologist, and weather Hobbyist like myself. I’m basically a self taught forecaster who has studied the science by reading books and material’s too increase my knowledge, along with many years of experience, by trial and error. I am not a Meteorologist with a degree, but I do consider my self a: “Forecaster or Amateur Meteorologist”


I will continue to challenge myself to better my forecasting, both in mid and long Range winter forecasting, with winter forecasting, IMO being my specialty. I’ll also continue to challenge myself with predicting and studying Severe Weather threats such as Spring and Summer Thunderstorms. In addition, following and tracking hurricane’s is something I’ve always enjoyed doing, so during Hurricane season, I hope to also do some write up’s. If you have any comments or questions, please contact me at:Ruggieweather@gmail.com