A significant snow event for the M/A States is now coming together. The pattern is setting up for a big storm from Thursday Night into Saturday morning, from VA and points Northeastward to MD, PA, DE, and NJ. This is still 4-5 days out and too early to talk exact snow amounts right now.

The exact track of this storm will be crucial and somewhat complex. Many Global computer models, are on a very similar page with this being a big storm, and snow producer for the Mid-Atlantic Region.

The overall pattern supports this storm and it’s overall track as of now. As we know, things can change with this being 4-5 days out, but my overall confidence of this storm is pretty good right now. So I’m giving out the Alert now.

Significant snowfall amounts are looking pretty good at this time. I’ll do a more detailed call Monday or Tuesday evening, with better preliminary thoughts and start tossing some amounts on the table. Just giving all a heads up for this potentially big snow event for later this week.

Take Care,